i-Divesite i-Das Double Arm Kit w/ 2 Strobes & Focus Light


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You're a serial shutterbug and harbour secret ambitions to be publishedone day, or take over the world with your photos, whichever comes first.You need no convincing why you need strobes – 2 for that matter, plus afocus light. And you're not even attempting to resist the poison =)Well, we celebrate you as our kin and this package was built for you.Rig1 x i-Das TR-L Double Handle Tray (for DC and DSLR)1 x BTR-001 Base Tray Adaptor2 x i-Das HD-GN Pistol Handle with Ball Head (for base trays)1 x i-Das EX-iLoc2 YS-adaptor Arm with 6" Loc-Line (for hotshoes)2 x i-Das BB-i09 9" Double-Ball Arm4 x i-Das CL-120R Clamp (w/ 60-degree side articulation)4 x i-Das ABCD Arm Buoyancy Control DeviceLights2 x iDivesite SS-02-2 Symbiosis SS-2 (2000 lumens)2 x OC-01 Optical Cable1 x Fish-Lite FL-A086 Green Star GS22R (includes 2 batteries)Extra Necessities1 x Hexinyu HXY-H4 4-Bay Rapid Smart Battery Charger2 x B-1498B Lithium Battery Pack for rotation2 x B-1826 18650 Lithium Battery (2600mAh) for rotationGet the whole package now for 15% off instead of buying the partsindividually!


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