i-Divesite i-Das Single Arm Kit w/ Strobe & Focus Light


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You're no newbie.Your photography pursuit is rooted not merely in capturing haphazardmemories, but in deliberate and crafted creation. And good quality lightis vital to that creation. Nothing beats having a strobe – both in lightstrength/quality as well as battery life.If you're not yet ready to get 2, this is the package for you with just 1,and a focus light.We believe a focus light is a must-have in any prosumer system worth itssalt. It makes focusing so much easier/faster and distributes your powerusage so you don't drain your strobe batteries by using its spotting/videolight. Save the latter for when you are really shooting videos.Rig1 x i-Das TR-03A Standard Base Tray w/ Adjustable Extensions1 x BTR-001 Base Tray Adaptor1 x i-Das HD-GN Pistol Handle with Ball Head (for base trays)1 x i-Das EX-iLoc YS-Adaptor Arm with 4" Loc-Line (for hotshoes)1 x i-Das BB-i09 9" Double-Ball Arm2 x i-Das CL-120R Clamp (w/ 60-degree side articulation)2 x i-Das ABCD Arm Buoyancy Control DeviceLights1 x iDivesite SS-02-2 Symbiosis SS-2 (2000 lumens)1 x OC-01 Optical Cable1 x Fish-Lite FL-A086 Green Star GS22R (includes 2 batteries)


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